Drone UAV

Topographic survey and mapping with UAV technology SENSEFLY system (now available with DGPS RTK positioning) consists of an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), a remotely controlled aerial vehicle carrying a special camera for photogrammetric pictures acquisition.

The UAV is equipped with GPS receivers, gyroscopic sensors, accelerometers, pitot tube and autopilot to obtain a safe and reliable flying platform for high-quality scans acquisition.

The acquired datas are processed in a software environment to obtain 3D models, orthomosaics and mapping.

This system is perfect for the following applications:

  • Wide areas topographic surveys
  • Mapping
  • Archeological survey
  • Quarries and landslides survey
  • Minefields survey
  • Urban pattern survey and identification of abuses

From 2015, the system has been implemented with NIR, Multispectral and Thermal camera, becoming also extremely useful for the following applications:

  • precision farming
  • NDVI index
  • Survey of polluted areas and dumps
  • Environmental survey