Dredge Engineering

Provision of engineering service for special dredging/dyking activities for companies interested in high performance and accurate control of the dredging/dyking progression. The service is completely modular and consists of:

  • Preliminary topographic and geodetic survey
  • Seabed samples collection, vibrocoring, analysis and report to identify the best dredging/dyking strategy with respect to the seabed charactestics.
  • Rental of the every equipment for the duration of the contract (GPS receivers, sensors, gyrocompass, encoders, radiomodems, computers, cables) and spare parts.
  • Provisiong of preliminary and final topo-bathymetric surveys, intermediate surveys, with singlebeam or multibeam technology.
  • Preliminary design, implementation and realization of realtime dredging/dyking control system with XYZ accuracy better than 10cm for grab or pump.
  • Provision of personalized software for realtime dredging/dyking control system, automatic DTM update during operations, realtime difference from current seabed to design model
  • Traning course for dredging/dyking operators
  • Remote assistance 24/7/365
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